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One Final Celebratory Report From Accessible Belper !

It has been over five years of raising awareness of the needs of our community who have disabling condition.  The last couple of months have been an enjoyable experience donating our remaining funds to organisations who have listened, understood and are putting their understanding into practise.

Thank you for all of the consideration and understanding that is bringing such enjoyment and equality  for all of us in Belper.

We are pleased to have donated the funds you have helped us raise for disabled accessible activities to the following organisations:


Belper Community Hall Ann-Marie Mcmillan

We are very pleased to report that we have had improvements made decoratively last Summer as a result of funding from Coop Champions and a Donation from St Faiths to Belper Community Hall and we would welcome advice on improvements on accessibility.

We have a fixed concrete ramp to the fire exit and Fliss Goldsmith funded a folding portable ramp for our main entrance

We have a pull down handle for the accessible toilet , but we do not have accessible lighting ie on sensor it is a pull cord in accessible toilet & ventilation does not come on simultaneously, similar for hot water heater in any of our toilets.

We have met with Live and local and home to host events Music / Play events later in year , would your funding criteria come into accessibility for Wifi hearing too as we do not have a hearing loop or what the blue tooth equivalent would be..??


Fleet Arts  Ola Wilson

Over the last few years and presently, we have/do deliver accessible, creative sessions for a wide range of groups, including those living with disabling conditions.

These include: children with autism; teenagers with mental health issues; elders living in care homes/with dementia.

We also work in partnership with various organisations /groups who also work towards making the local/surrounding area an accessible place to live, work, play

Our funding is always precarious and particularly at the moment, as we have had to move out of our venue we have been in for the past 38years (and that we hired out as part of our income).


Belper Cricket Club

That sounds great -  we are currently working on introducing disabled cricket at our ground with the help of our disabled ambassador who is also our 4th team captain Simon Elmore he is the `Transplant Sport Kids & Teens Coordinator` for Transplant Sport UK. We will need to make the pitch assessible which is relatively easy and then purchase specialist equipment.

Our current disabled toilet facilities are sufficient but are situated in a portacabin which is attached to the clubhouse. The portacabin lease expires this year and it will be removed. Our plan is to build in its place a purpose built disabled changing room/wet room/toilet facility. The cost of this is estimated to be approx. £10k. Any help towards our goals would be much appreciated.


Bluebox Community Centre   Tom Wyke

We are currently fundraising for a new Blue Box Community Centre on the Parks Estate and have so far raised over £75,000 towards the cost of the new building.

The building design is currently being finalised with the architect and surveyors, but we are designing it to be as accessible as possible. For example, the building will be accessible via ‘level access’ thresholds throughout. Access has been designed to be suitable for visitors and operators with impaired mobility, to ensure that they are not excluded from accessing and using the building. Access within the building will be similarly sized to provide easy movement through the centre. Signage in and around the building will be DDA compliant and suitably positioned accordingly. In addition, there will be two unisex disabled toilets, which are directly accessible, via a cloakroom lobby, from the Activity Area. We are also in the process of ensuring that the kitchen will be as accessible as possible, by for example, installing an adjustable worktop.


Belper Memory Café  Hilary Surga

As a result of a couple of donations we received in 2021 we were able to provide a really enjoyable afternoon , entertained by Ray Hatfield who had previously been part of Showaddywaddy, and also a Christmas tea at The Lion Hotel which was also a really great occasion.

We would love to be able to offer special events like this in the future ,but we need donations to support them.We had planned to have a fund raising event, but we decided to postpone it for the time being ,due to COVID and the Omicron variant.

I hope you will consider our Memory Cafe as worthy recipients of a donation ,and should this be the case, I assure you it would be put to excellent use for our cafe goers.


Remap  Peter Brien

I have taken over the chair of the Derby & Burton Remap panel. We are a group of retired engineers who spend our time making bespoke aids for people with disabilities, including a lot of access ramps, wheelchair mods, etc etc.  We aren't specific to Belper of course, but cover most of South Derbyshire. We do about 120 jobs in an average year, and have still managed 80 jobs each year during the Covid pandemic, despite lockdowns. Remap is a national charity that has been going for over 50 years, with local groups that cover most of the UK.


Deafinitely Women   Rachel Shawl

We would be gratefully happy to receive any fund you have left.

We are hoping to set up recognised accrediation courses for deaf, hard of hearing women to be qualified toward employability in the future.


Belper Fringe   Paul Terry

Hi! As mentioned earlier, we have invited Haylo to present their dementia related play sometime early July. We are negotiating dates but is a definite. The cost of the play is £600  so any donations more than welcome . We will sell tickets to the general public but wouldn't want to charge caseworkers. Therefore any help financially will be much appreciated.


Thank You

It is a time of celebration for Accessible Belper! After over 6 years of raising awareness of barriers for people with disabling conditions, our mission has been adopted across the town of Belper and beyond. Our work has been dependant on partnerships. By providing disability awareness training and Dementia Friendship sessions in numerous organisations we have been able to ensure that our messages have become widespread. Consequently, it is time to wind up our organisation and hand the mantle on.

Our partnerships have included working with the following to name a few: local schools; scout groups; CVS; Derbyshire Foundation; local MP; Rotary Club; churches; Love Belper shops and many others. This has been integral. We have also ensured that the profile of Accessible Belper has been maintained at numerous Belper Events including Belper Goes Green where we have provided Changing Rooms facilities.

As well as activities with the community we have run a Facebook page, a website and twitter feed. The website is particularly important for the disabled community hoping to visit the town (all spontaneity is taken away from this group and they have to plan all trips).

These partnerships have been a gift during these last couple of years. We were contacted by one of our partners, some members of Belper Town Council, to assist with developing an Accessibility Strategy and Action Plan which have now been adopted by full Town Council!

Our work has been recognised through our County and beyond. It is also multi award winning! These include Most Accessible Town in Derbyshire 2016; Heroes of Derbyshire finalist 2016; Derby and Derbyshire Women’s Awards 2018; Put Her Forward Heritage Open Days 2018; British Citizen Award 2019; British Empire Medal 2019.

None of this could have been achieved without an army of active volunteers. I would like to pay tribute to some of them here
(and can only apologise for anyone missed)

Graham Fennell

Sukie Khaira

Mary McLean-Farmer

Susan King

Carol Sayers

Sarah Barley-McMullen

Russell Mason

Andy Mayers

Simon  Mallett

John Porter

Dave Barnes


So, it is time for a celebration and a very big THANK YOU !



Hello M’dears

I hope this finds life treating you well?

I have to cancel our meeting on the 21st of this month, unfortunately.

Even sadder than that, now that we have achieved so many of our aims, it is time for Accessible Belper to pass the Accessible action mantle on to others.  Consequently, although we can be a resource for others to use, we will not be as proactive in the Belper community.

It is great that we have managed to raise so much awareness of disabling conditions throughout our town. I have also been privileged enough to work with some wonderful people along the way and made some brilliant friends (I have managed to lose some too.  For this I can only apologise.  I have wanted to get so much done!)

I will be writing a longer report soon which will give a much better report of all our achievements. I really feel like we should have a big celebratory party! Right now, all I can say is a big



Next Meeting

Hello everyone

I hope this finds you well and now able to take advantage of being with people and getting out more? I understand there is still a great deal of nervousness out there but I am planning optimistically and have arranged an Accessible Belper meeting at Strutts for the 21st October!

Whoopee! We finally get to see each other and decide how we would like Accessible Belper to develop in our new future. Can’t wait to see you.

The room normally holds up to 60 people. However, I would like to limit it to 30 on this occasion to ensure social distancing (30? I told you I was an optimist!) Masks will be optional as long as the regulations stay the same.

In fact, everything depends on the advice by that time, so please keep an eye on the website and Facebook.


As places are limited please contact me if you hope to come.


Accessible Belper meeting Thursday 21st October 6.30pm to 8 pm

Strutts Community Centre room 10


What incredible news! Live the changes!

A global campaign described as a "game-changer" has been launched to improve the lives of more than one billion disabled people by 2030. Read the Game-changer plan.

View From a Chair

Are we Worth Less?

How much is a human life worth? I thought I would give you all something to ponder with this philosophical question in a world that has given us pause for thought.

Can we put a monetary value on it? Should we?

New parents are warned to prepare for an investment that will entail costs that include nappies to shoes, tablets to proms, university fees to wedding venues.

Heroes are created when saving a life. Is there any greater accomplishment? From firefighters to traffic wardens, medical researchers to food bank volunteers, there are opportunities for us all to be heroes.

What on earth led me to such deep reflection? A taxi journey!

I was recently lucky enough to have a trip to London. One of the last things I did before  going was to talk to Amber Valley Borough Council about the arrangements for disability accessible taxis. In my opinion, these are a vital service to decrease a growing isolation for people with disabling conditions in our community. There aren’t enough and drivers as well as passengers need to feel comfortable and safe.

So, let’s get back to my own taxi experience in London. No problem booking a wheelchair accessible taxi (which was a novelty!) No problem getting in and the driver was really helpful. Friendly enough for me to have the courage to ask why I wasn’t being strapped in?  He answered that although he had needed to have disability awareness training to be licensed, Transport for London didn’t provide the straps with the vehicle for fixing the wheelchair and the wheelchair user safely and legally. However, I know it is illegal in this country to travel in a vehicle without a safety belt (or is that just if you are fully able bodied?)

This is why Accessible Belper is built upon a foundation of Awareness leads to Understanding which will lead to Action. I’m a private person but by raising Awareness, I hope people will  Understand how I felt that day.  Obviously, I am seen as Worth Less. Less than the driver and my husband, who were both safely strapped in and not breaking any laws, because they are worthwhile.

I have spent 20 years trying to overcome feelings of inadequacy as I have been stared at. I thought I had done it but now I am back where I began. Does society see me and the disabled community as Worth Less? I would ask again – How much is a human life worth?  I hate the economic reasoning discussed here at the beginning. It’s a very First World argument. However, we have to ask, in reality, do we live in an ethical, equitable society?

This feels more like a diary entry as I have opened my heart. I am really hoping that my openness will raise Awareness and your Understanding will lead to Action.



Liberty is earned and can only be enjoyed if it is shared and respected by all.

Our freedoms from the Covid restrictions have been a long hard journey of battles won along with some very tragic losses.

We now have the power to use our new found freedoms responsibly and a new compassionate understanding.

There are so many people living with incredible anxiety in our new world. Please use our liberty wisely.

You can smile with your eyes. Protect yourself and others by wearing a mask indoors .

Keep hugging, kisses and full frontal snogging to a minimum !

Take care M'dears.

How affected by the pandemic have disabled people been

I  know we try to stay apolitical on this. However , please take a look at yesterday's BBC report that picks up on the research by the disability charity Scope. This demonstrates how adversely affected by the pandemic disabled people were.

Did you know that 3 out of 5 deaths were people with disabilities?

Did you know that disabled people were terrified of going into hospital because so many unauthorised DNRs were used on disabled people?

Many, like others feel forgotten on incredibly long waiting lists.

I know that recent events have impacted upon us all but for a disabled community who already struggled with isolation and segregation this has exacerbated mental and physical health catastrophically.

Scope has sent their research with recommendations for rebuilding to the government.

You will see the response on their website.

Our community is still being ignored. Please show your support and awareness by visiting their website to find out more. Click here.

Derbyshire Community Transport Survey

Another opportunity to share our views on accessible transport locally. Please complete it. We can't afford to become even more isolated.
Click here to take the survey.

Take a look at this

OK, I admit I missed this one. As I said there are times when you are in the mood for role models and other times that they just make you feel inadequate. However, the sun is out , so am I and I don't want you to miss this. Able magazine is great to follow and just take a look at this. Able Magazine.

Opportunity to Have Your Say

Brilliant opportunity to have your say about about the real situation with accessible taxis locally. Amber Valley is particularly interested to hear from wheelchair users. Click here for more information.


Dr. Stephen Hawking, a professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge, delivers a speech entitled "Why we should go into space&quo

Being in the right mood for role models

I have said that I will be responsible for Aim no. 5 on the Council Accessibility Strategy.

This states “To celebrate the contribution made to society by people with disabling conditions.”.

So there I was, researching positive role models with disabling conditions. There were so many! You just have to do a google search and you are swamped with examples. I thought “This is going to be a breeze.” I found people from the sports world, entertainment, business, politics, community change makers and many more. Lots of people I didn’t know about. How did they pass me by?

Then I remembered! There are definitely days when everyone else seems to be managing and achieving so much more than me. It is on those days that I can feel so inadequate and all I want to do is burrow down deeper into the hole I am in. So as part of my disabled journey, while I had every admiration for all these people, I switched off from constantly feeling not good enough and avoided their stories.

Now I have discovered that it is OK not to be OK! There are days when I definitely feel strong enough follow a dream and change the world. These are the days when I need those inspiring stories. The ones that make me feel like anything is possible.

So I will post these tales of triumph and celebration. That way on the bad days you can feel free to leave them to one side and on the good days they will make you sad, make you smile and most importantly recognise that we are all worthwhile.

Siobhan Fennell

Chair of Accessible Belper


Hello to everyone at Accessible Belper and have a lovely Easter Break!

We are now allowed out and it won’t be long before we can see those who are precious to us in real life !


In all its springtime glory, nature will be enticing us to take full advantage of her spectacular journey through to summer. However, don’t forget that many of our community will have been shielding for a year and while the outdoors is very inviting they are nervous about entering our beautiful and lively town again.

How about checking if one of your neighbours fancies a walk? Or what about a picnic in the park?


Then when our lovely pubs and coffee shops open, some people may just need  encouragement and company to take advantage of their delights.

Other AB messages are gentle reminders:

Not everyone is able to wear a mask. Please be understanding.

Those with hidden disabilities like Dementia or visual impairment may find it difficult to socially distance. Please be understanding.

You can smile with your eyes. Make someone’s day. Masks don’t matter.


Look after each other and stay well.


Johnny Victory Concert - Wed 24th March

live on the Accessible Belper Facebook page at 14.00

He's back! Our own ray of sunshine at the end of this long dark tunnel. We'll Meet Again!

I will certainly be wheelchair waltzing !

Enjoy this early Easter concert.

Join local performer Johnny Victory for this afternoon of fun and music. Johnny has been performing for Accessible Belper and many of the other agencies, Alzheimer’s Society, Bloomin’ Dementia, Age concern, Age Uk... for many years. His shows are engaging and fun.


International Women's Day - Derby

I have been asked to provide a video for the Derby International Women's Day celebrations. There is loads going on and you can access it on


It's not until Saturday 6th March but you can see the Accessible Belper contribution here.

Never forget Ruth Bader-Ginsberg's words

Don't be afraid to fight for the things you believe in BUT do it in a way that will lead others to follow you.


Exciting New Belper Project - Belper Walks

The aim of the website is to encourage everyone in Belper, regardless of whether they can read a map or not, to explore the beautiful outdoors nearby without the fear of getting stuck or lost. The former of these is a particular concern for people with mobility issues as one kerb, gate, incline or change of surface can make a whole route inaccessible.

Whilst I don’t have the power to make inaccessible routes accessible, I’ve tried to address the uncertainty people may have by using sped-up videos of routes which pause for obstacles such as stiles and show changes to surface and gradient. This will hopefully allow people to make an informed choice about whether the route is suitable for them.  There are also pauses at junctions to show which way to go and create an overall visual memory of the route before you go so people can remember which way to turn and hopefully not get lost.

As well as being embedded on the website the videos can be seen on the Youtube channel at with ‘Wyver Lane accessible path’ being the most refined so far.

If you have tried any of the routes, please contact us and let us know how you got on.


Happy New Year

For all the friends of Accessible Belper we would like to thank you for the accessible changes to our town over the past five years.

These have not just been environmentally physical but there has also been the  development of a wonderful understanding culture of disabling conditions.

With the optimistic hopes that we all have for the new year Accessible Belper would like to add yet another.


Please take part in continuing the kindness and understanding so evident in our community.

Don't forget one of our most important messages at this time is always consider hidden disabilities. These are numerous and not always clearly evident. Remember that those who are visually impaired; living with dementia or autism will want to be safe but may find it very difficult to socially distance. It's not deliberate.

Take a little time and  be kind. Together we can keep each other safe.

3rd December A Day to Remember !

The International Day of People with Disabilities is today!

Accessible Belper are proud to announce that Belper Town Council  will use this day to launch their Accessibility Strategy to the press. So watch this space!

Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 World

Disability inclusion is an essential condition to upholding human rights, sustainable development, and peace and security. It is also central to the promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to leave no one behind. The commitment to realizing the rights of persons with disabilities is not only a matter of justice; it is an investment in a common future.

The global crisis of COVID-19 is deepening pre-existing inequalities, exposing the extent of exclusion and highlighting that work on disability inclusion is imperative. People with disabilities—one billion people— are one of the most excluded groups in our society and are among the hardest hit in this crisis in terms of fatalities.

Even under normal circumstances, persons with disabilities are less likely to access health care, education, employment and to participate in the community. An integrated approach is required to ensure that persons with disabilities are not left behind.

Disability inclusion will result in a COVID19 response and recovery that better serves everyone, more fully suppressing the virus, as well as building back better. It will provide for more agile systems capable of responding to complex situations, reaching the furthest behind first.

Find out more

It's the 25th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act !

As Chair of Accessible Belper I am so proud to have known the change makers who continually challenged and eventually succeeded with the Disability Discrimination Act in 1995. These inspiring individuals empowered my disabled journey. Accessible Belper has so much to thank them for.

When I worked at Disability Derbyshire (DCIL) , I was lucky enough to work with Chris Holmes who had been arrested 28 times during these protests !

Once he was even arrested for chaining himself to railings. Quite an achievement as a quadriplegic wheelchair user ! Chris, you were my hero! RIP.

We don't have to chain ourselves to railings. We can build on his legacy by filling in the attached questionnaire. No excuses for boredom during lockdown. Just make Belper more accessible by completing the questionnaire !




At Accessible Belper we are really pleased to let you know that the Town has a new Marketing Manager. It will be great to be able to work closely with Dave and his family as they will be able to teach us a lot about Autism awareness.


He has already given us the following article which is really informative. I think it will give us all sorts to newly ponder.


Such an opportunity to look deep into someone’s eyes

A poem by Siobhan Fennell

It has been said that they are the mirrors of the soul

Magical secrets, surprise. Like Alice down the rabbit hole.

By covering half a face we have to look harder. Does the smile cause a wrinkle?

Crow’s feet never looked so beautiful, as they combine with a sparkle and twinkle.

In the past, we glanced and spotted someone, maybe,

Fleetingly we smiled, no time to talk, would you agree?

Always someone to see, somewhere to be, something else to do,

Now there is the time to explore and discover. To see something new.

Some eyes will still tell us to go away.

Others are desperate for us to stay.

Two eyes can say that you’re not wanted. I need to be alone.

We can respect that and still find those begging for an understanding home.

You can use your eyes to plea for understanding and compassion

You can use your eyes to let people know that you are living in isolation.

Yes, you may only see one person a day

But, they can break your heart and leave the pieces in disarray.

Why not use your eyes to send a message of love? To tell a person how much they are appreciated?

Instead of hurting someone. Use your eyes to make them feel celebrated.

In a world where we can’t touch, cuddle or hug, you can use your gaze

To ensure a person feels loved on that day and always.


Welcome Back

Welcome back to our kind and compassionate new world. Although we have all lived through a fascinating time we have learned a new way of understanding each other.

At Accessible Belper we have used the time to strengthen our partnership with Belper Town Council developing an Accessibility Strategy. This was formally adopted by the whole Town Council in July. Fantastic news!

I have also filmed the Introduction to Disability Awareness and Dementia Friends and it is now available on our training page and the Town Council website. So you no longer have to wait to book in to our next open session. You can see me any time (I am just the gift that keeps giving!)


Hello M’dears,

Just a note to say that in the current climate, much of what is on the website will rapidly become irrelevant or outdated. Consequently, we will be concentrating on sharing community information on our Facebook page.

The website will come back in to full service when all this is over.

For now, please see our Facebook posts for how people are recognising the needs of everybody in their community and going above and beyond to help out.

Siobhan Fennell

Chair of Accessible Belper


Sunflower Scheme

Shops that have accepted the badges


Time and Again

Oh So Sweet

Sue's Sustainables,




Strut Menswear

Cheeky Bambini

Cocoa Cafe

Perfect Cuppa,

Railway Tearooms

The Filling Station

Dot's Emporium,


Charity Shops:

Red Cross

Air Ambulance





Accessibility Lights up Belper !

The town of Belper is celebrating the Accessibility Awareness embraced by it’s community with the Chair of Accessible Belper lighting their Christmas lights with their Mayor this year. The Celebrations will take place on Friday the 29th of November in the Memorial Gardens at 5.45pm.

Siobhan Fennell began Accessible Belper just four years ago, leading a team  to raise awareness of the needs of disabled people throughout families and community organisations. The Town has listened and taken action to ensure that everyone can enjoy businesses and services equally.

The lighting of the lights this year will be a wonderful way of highlighting the essential nature of a message that is being spread by a welcoming, friendly town.



What is a Belper Sunflower Badge?

Accessible Belper and the University of Derby have teamed up with Love Belper to bring shoppers in Belper The Belper Sunflower Badge.

What is a Belper Sunflower Badge?

The Sunflower is the adopted symbol for hidden disabilities. The Belper Sunflower Badge is exactly the same idea as the Sunflower Lanyards that you may have seen in supermarkets and airports. They are for people who have a hidden disability and they make others aware that people who wear a Sunflower may have additional needs or require additional help or support.

What is a hidden disability?

A hidden disability is a disability that isn’t always visible by looking at or talking to someone. This could be for example; autism, asthma, dementia, a mental health condition, a sensory loss or a physical disability that causes pain, fatigue or impacts on movement.

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other hidden disabilities.

Wearing a Belper Sunflower Badge

Some people may wear a Belper Sunflower Badge to let others know that they have a hidden disability and consequently may need additional support, time or adjustments.

Not everybody who has a hidden disability requires additional support and not everybody who requires additional support will wear a sunflower therefore, it is important to be sensitive and not make assumptions.

Where to get a Belper Sunflower Badge

Belper Sunflower Badges are available from shops in Belper who clearly display the Sunflower Badge poster.

The Belper Sunflower Badge Makes You Visible.

Wearing the Belper Sunflower badge indicates to people around you that you have a hidden disability.

Wear it and let people know you may need additional time, support or adjustments

Wear it and let people know that it's okay for you to use a lift or a rest chair

Wear it and help people to realise that not all disabilities are visible.


13 Money Saving tips for disabled people

With the news that the blue badge parking permit scheme has now been extended to people with 'hidden disabilities', we wanted to round up some other tips for disabled MoneySavers – from knowing your consumer rights and what adjustments firms should make for you, to how to get a free (or cheap) key to accessible toilets or a 'free' cinema ticket for a friend/carer.




The Access Card

New to Accessible Belper. Never one to miss an opportunity, our Chair Siobhan has applied for the Access Card. It's a brilliant scheme run nationwide by Derby's Nimbus. For all those people with disabilities who are fed up with having to produce all the different types of proof that demonstrates they are disabled ! To make sure you can take full advantage of every opportunity find out more about the Access Card on our website. We will also be publicising it to shops and services locally to ensure you get the ease of access you are entitled to.


Wow! They approached us !

Having heard about Accessible Belper and our award winning work the local Cooperative have generously offered to run a fundraising event on Saturday 24th August from 10am til 4pm.


So what will there be?

There will be a car boot sale, raffle, tombola and card stall. Along with visitors from our local Town Council and your chance for suggesting how to make the town even more accessible! Belper is in the final of the National High Street award and we have to demonstrate how much more we are doing since we won the award in 2014 (by the way voting doesn't close until 7th October).

It's going to be such an exciting day and it raises funds along with awareness.

Don't forget it's not just about ramps. It's about awareness which leads to different attitudes and will create understanding. How are people going to understand the difficulties with accessibility around the town if no-one ever talks about it or if they are invisible disabilities ?

Don't miss your opportunity to shop and contribute to the community we live in. Don't forget

Saturday 24th August Co-op supermarket Strutt Street, Belper 10am-4pm


Slow Shopping at Belper Food Festival on Sunday 7th July 2019

This year's Food Festival will open between 9.30am and 10am specifically for people with difficulty getting around.

So whether you're a wheelchair user, live with dementia, have a visual impairment, have an aversion to crowds etc then this is your opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful event at a quieter, more relaxed time.

This is one of the many ways that Accessible Belper is working with Belper Town Council and other local groups in aiming to make Belper accessible for all.

Please ensure that anyone with a disabling condition knows about this initiative and can enjoy all our town has to offer.


Ladies for Loos Concert, Unitarian Chapel, 20th April at 7.30pm

Belper Ramps It Up


Belper has taken another step forward in making itself the Most Accessible Town in Derbyshire. Accessible Belper, with funding support from The Central England Cooperative Society, have bought three ramps to be shared amongst the local independent shops. This will allow access to some premises for wheelchair users, pushchairs and other people with mobility issues.

Customers who may not be able to manage the steps into their favourite shops or eateries can now ring in advance of their visit to book the ramps. They simply have to look up the phone number of where they want to visit on the business’s own website or check out the business survey page at

On Saturday 23rd February Accessible Belper officially launched the ramps with the help of the Belper Town Council Mayor Tim Sutton. This is another major step forward in welcoming every resident and visitor to the delights of Belper Town, whatever their needs.

The ramps will be stored at The Perfect Cuppa on Strutt Street, Time and Again on King Street and Cheeky Bambini on Bridge Street.

Barriers are being broken down in every way, in the Most Accessible Town in Derbyshire.


Roll Up! Roll Up!

And at Accessible Belper we mean that Literally!

Yes today we can announce that with the support of Central England Co-operative, we have been able to provide ramps for the shops in Belper to share ensuring access to wheelchair users, pushchairs and others with mobility difficulties.

Customers who may not be able to manage the steps into their favourite shops or eateries can now ring in advance of their visit to book the ramps. They simply have to look up the phone number of where they want to visit on the business website or www.accessiblebelper. org.

On Saturday 23rd February Accessible Belper will be officially launching the ramps with the help of the Belper Town Council Mayor. This is another major step/roll forward in welcoming every resident and visitor to the delights of Belper Town, whatever their needs.

Barriers are being broken down in every way, in the Most Accessible Town in Derbyshire!


Welcome to the latest update on the Accessible Belper Purple Pledge.

What no Tuesday? I hear you cry. Of course not. This is all about a sustainable commitment in the town of Belper.

We are already gifted with a friendly community. Accessible Belper has raised Disability Awareness in organisations throughout our town. With Purple Tuesday we can build on this growing understanding of the issues that the disabled community encounter. The pledges made by our retailers are about ensuring that they will do all they can to remove barriers indefinitely.

The publicity that we have carried out for Purple Tuesday has encouraged some of our local independent shops to pledge some or all of the following:

  • Our staff will attend Disability Awareness training.
  • We will run a children’s drawing competition inviting them to illustrate barriers they see.
  • We will work with Accessible Belper to provide ramps.
  • We will ensure our signage will let customers know how to contact us if they are unable to access the premises.
  • We will put up our Purple Pledge poster clearly.
  • We will ask for a premises disability assessment.
  • We will film upstairs to show customers without access our products.

On Purple Tuesday members of Accessible Belper will be around town publicising the Purple message and provide any support they can.

Belper is not yet perfect but many people are doing all they can to make Belper welcoming and inclusive whatever day it is.


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Dementia Friends Logo - An Alzheimer's Society Initiative Multiple Sclerosis Society Logo Dementi Action Alliance Logo Alzheimer's Society Logo Link to Accessible Belper's Facebook page
Disability Derbyshire Logo - Coalition for Inclusive Living Sight Support Derbyshire Logo
Multiple Sclerosis Society Logo Alzheimer's Society Logo
Dementia Friends Logo - An Alzheimer's Society Initiative Dementi Action Alliance Logo
Disability Derbyshire Logo - Coalition for Inclusive Living Sight Support Derbyshire Logo
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